a visit

[When I was younger, I felt like inhabiting this song. Later on, as I grew older, I realized how crowded it would be so, naturally, I changed my mind. Still, it always feels great to visit.]

Busy at home I was happy for a while But the joke is over // In this elegant chaos I stand to one side // It’s neither one thing or the other My big fear Is to dig it at last And have it taken away // Did I learn to breathe to be killed like this? Faces to the glass I see them televise my death Oh, and here comes the part Where I break down and cry // People I see Just remind me of mooing Like a cow on the grass And that’s not to say That there’s anything wrong With being a cow anyway // But people are people With the added advantage Of the spoken word We’re getting on fine But I feel more of a man When I get with the herd.

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