Taste Like Honey: Reminiscences from the Αlbum Εra

In this album I had 2 in 1:

first, echoes from Alva Noto’s Xerrox Vol.1 experimental fuzzy, glitch, contemporary, avant-garde, artistic universe; his version of an eclectic, elliptic, minimal, authentic, aesthetic experience had already spoke not to my heart nor to my soul but my mind;

and secondly, Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Japanese placid harmony and even-tempered spirit which resembled to the soundworld of my beloved Takagi Masakatsu and Aoki Takamasa. Ever since then, his film scores became a sheltering sky for all the lonely nights. His artistic vision was all inclusionary; personally speaking, I would prefer Sakamoto to declare the “end of history” rather than Fukuyama!

After “Insen” there was no turning back to noise; only music to caress my senses.