baby, it's cold inside; echoes from a (social) distance #9

We have barely started inhabiting this still unknown territory, and largely non regulated yet, post-Corona world and I already feel nostalgic for the era of “real fukuyamism.” 

Back then, everything felt simple. 

“No two countries that both have a McDonald's have ever fought a war against each other.

The McDonald's folks confirmed it for me. I feared the exception would be the Falklands war, but Argentina didn't get its first McDonald's until 1986, four years after that war with Britain. Civil wars don't count: McDonald's in Moscow delivered burgers to both sides in the fight between pro-and anti-Yeltsin forces in 1993.

Since Israel now has a kosher McDonald's, since Saudi Arabia's McDonald's closes five times a day for Muslim prayer, since Egypt has 18 McDonald's and Jordan is getting its first, the chances of a war between them are minimal. But watch out for that Syrian front. 

There are no Big Macs served in Damascus.”

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