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The Strokes – Is This It



The year of 2001. Optimistic by default judging by the ideology embedded into it, in our corner of the world at least. Unsurprisingly, “The Strokes” became the epitome of cool if we were to believe the hype of the time. I did.

Frankie speaking, regrets I’ve had a few but then again too odd to mention. You see, The Modern Age. And as for the matters of the heart, better fall for her thanturn aside from a great labyrinth out of pride, cowardice, or anything called conscience once.”

As it happened, ‘garage rock revival’ took place in the early 00s with the Strokes at the center of an imaginary music scene that wasn’t.

They came from New York carrying the fire which eventually was nothing more than a short-lived firework. Not to mention that the band might have been dressing in leather jackets but none of their relatives ever worked in a leather factory – the front man’s father actually owned a global chain modeling agency.

All in all, nothing was revived as garages were a thing of the past anyway; in the 00s we dreamt of terraces and rooftops. We just didn’t think our view would have been the world in personality disorder instead of a personality crisis inspired by the New York Dolls as we secretly dreamt.

And yet, “Ιs This It” still sounds as emotionally arousing as it did almost twenty years ago. Something about Last Nite probably.





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