a memorable fancy

tebe interesno

He didn't expect from her to leave her friends so she can come and kiss him gently or passionately; it goes without a saying that this is a fantasy for kids or the ones that watched too much Tele during their student years. These are the ones that strongly believe that a tall blond woman with big breasts, a Jenna Jameson look-alike, serves as the best example of God's generous creative efforts when designing this planet.

He did expect from her to remove the fancy sunglasses from her pretty face so he could see her look through.

Instead she turned her back on him. That was the birth of a great dilemma for Miltos: was he supposed to reflect on her beautiful ass covered in deep blue silk or was she just neglecting his summer wishes? Was she a sexy and somehow vulgar kitten or did she not think of him at all?

Suddenly Miltos came to realize that he was facing an empty page, all pale and white, trying to forget she ever existed. Jotting down horny thoughts; keeping a diary of melancholy.

Later, and after a lifesaving dive into the cold water of a dreamy golden beach, he found himself reading out loud William Blake's poetry the way a madman or a saint does it. She was triggered by this action of his, a rather careless and sort of childish response to the nightmare he had to deal with: was he supposed to spend another summer all by himself? Was she the woman a man dreams to share his bed with? Who the hell was she? And what the fuck did he really want in this life of his?

She gave him a hostile look; he felt it like a French kiss. She laughed at his face and he thought she was whispering to his ears that she loves him forever. She left the beach along with her monstrous and common male friends when he thought she was taking a nap right next to him and under the hot sun.

Was there ever any angel dressed in a blue swimming suite sexy enough to even tempt the dead man? Did she look exactly like Marisa Tomei? [Maybe she had her breasts too!]

But Miltos didn't care anymore.

When his friends dragged him out of his delirium he found himself on the greenish water looking at the sky with gratitude: he was in love with someone else and she was smiling to him when opening his eyes inside the infinity of the deep sea.

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