a preacher

And he said…

‘Well… I liked it man… seriously… it was good… But you know what? Eh… I mean… you just preached! (Hope not to me!) And to tell you the truth, I don’t know if my consciousness is comfortable with it; to listen to a preacher, to take him into consideration. I have no God as there is no God; I am a God as you are a God too’. God is dead and there is no meaning on preaching anymore’.

And Miltos said…

‘Have you ever attended a TED meeting? If I am supposed to consider myself a priest, an apostle, or a devil, then I can only assume that they preach from the position of God Himself. They are the preaching Gods, little Jesuses embodied. Up there at a wooden platform, as high as human ambition can reach, they stand alone and preach to the world, the part of the world that feels entitled to put us all out of trouble by using innovative and unprecedented ways. And how unfortunate this is for us! But it makes sense, I admit, I won’t try to stop it. But tell me please… did you hear, or feel, an innovative outcry always in search for some new territories?

TED is authority and TED is the answer to all, right?’

And Miltos ended… 

‘I learned from the best my friend’.

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