Taste Like Honey: Reminiscences from the Αlbum Εra

The Jesus and Mary Chain – Psychocandy

Napster arrived in our lives at the turn of the millennium and You Tube followed few years after. Together, they planned secretly to put an end to the album era. Rather sooner than later the inevitable occurred and all hell broke loose; or maybe we lived happily ever after, hard to tell.

Still, sometimes it crosses my mind that this whole mess started when that cretin Sofia Coppola chose ‘Just Like Honey’ for the closing scene of ‘Lost In Translation’ back in 2003.

In just a few years, a rather conventional girl would choose a Screaming Trees song to feature on her Tinder profile puzzling her potential matches. Should I ever tell her that I had organized my digital music collection in alphabetical order or will she immediately unmatch me? Is she really hip or square?

The death of subcultures was an irreversible fact; the era of confusion has begun.

Sofia, you took our psychocandy away but at least you gave us Scarlett! As for Bill fucking Murray, well, he offered himself.

On the other hand, and as I’m posting these few lines, I’m pretty sure some trappers are out there conspiring to win the hearts and minds of youthful and fervent city dwellers.

Nothing related to Sin Boys, I’m afraid;  artists please, no avatars.



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