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Brian Eno – Music for Airports

As the urban legend goes, when the Chinese plan to build yet another city from scratch they start with an airport in mind. Nowadays cities spring up thanks to air traffic, streets are steaming from a lake of consolidated cement where airlines store their planes in gigantic parking slots, cars replace swimming fish that share with us humans their somewhat short-lived memory as we tend to literally forget how fast newly constructed cities soon turn into ghost towns. 

Enter Brian Eno.

Eno popularized the experimentation of creative geniuses working feverishly away from the public eye. He made widely accessible what was already there still raw and unpacked. He could have never been the one inventing the plane but he holds a special place in the history of aviation - he was a hell of a pilot!

His Music for Airports, contrary to hasty opinions, was never meant to be easy listening fitting boring airport lounges, taming down impatient passengers waiting to board a plane to their next destination to a touristic Neverland.

Eno navigated through the globalized era, his was the type of music for an interconnected online audience where each bedroom around the world was now a personal airport lounge.

Destination: Everyware.

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